Christine Bowdler – Office Manager Experienced Beyond Her Years

Christine Bowdler – Office Manager Experienced Beyond Her Years

Christine Bowdler TeamCES Office Manager

Respect is something we’re big on at TeamCES, and anyone who works with us or for us will confirm that this is the case. We show respect to debtors and clients, even when that respect isn’t always returned, but the most vital form of respect in this industry comes from your colleagues, and that respect has to be earned.

It comes from trust.

It comes from the assurance that a person knows what they are doing and can back up what they are talking about, with a good level of knowledge and a great deal of experience.

It might just be the person she is, but Christine came into the industry almost a decade ago, already armed with the determination to earn the respect of her colleagues. She has spent every day in her career trying to learn as much as she can. She has worked hard to understand the processes, and to be able to find solutions to any problems that may arise.

Christine is driven and motivated, not by money or praise, but by a genuine desire to do the best that she can. She doesn’t just ‘show up’, she shows how it’s done.

She has never looked for shortcuts and has always been prepared to ‘put the graft in’.

This was never more evident than when she realised that she needed some ‘on the ground’ and ‘in the field’ experience, which took her to another one of the biggest names in the repossessions business. Christine went out and about doing the very same tasks she knew that she would be advising others to do. Gaining first-hand experience of the practical side of the job was one of the best things Christine could’ve done, both for her and for her future colleagues. This shows a willingness to ‘get stuck in’ and to fully commit to the always difficult, sometimes dangerous side of the profession.

These are our words on Christine by the way, not hers. She is very humble, and perhaps doesn’t fully see the contribution she is already making at TeamCES.

The day to day life of ‘Office Manager’ here, is just as varied as it is for one of our amazing Enforcement Agents, as no two jobs are ever the same. Right now, Christine is working to identify the roles and responsibilities of each and every member of our office team, to enable us all to work smarter, and not harder.

In her personal life, Christine is just as passionate and focused, but about her beloved horses.
From an early age, Christine competed in a range of equestrian competitions, waking up early to ‘muck out’ and always prepared to ‘muck in’. The hurdles she jumped over on a daily basis act as a metaphor for the hurdles she has jumped in this job. They take practice, focus, commitment and enthusiasm, as well as the trait to never give up.

Christine Bowdler Office Manager

“I was riding horses before I was walking…” Christine says, which is the only thing that is at odds with her professional life. Knowing that it can be foolish to try and run before you walk, Christine put the leg work in, and as we have already explained, has always been prepared to put the hard yards in.

Putting in the hard yards with her horses saw Christine gain entry into the prestigious Horse of the Year 2018, where she ranked 2nd nationally. You’d think she’d wear the rosette every day with an achievement like that, but it is typical of Christine that she doesn’t brag or boast, and just gets on with the task at hand.

With regards to TeamCES, Christine talks about an attitude and enthusiasm that she feels is unrivalled anywhere else in the industry. She says that she feels valued and understood, as though all of her skills are being utilised and appreciated fully.

She says that in such a short time, the atmosphere and environment at TeamCES has helped her settle in and get straight to work. This is credit to all of the team who have been so welcoming and encouraging.

The Al Shira'aa Hickstead Derby Meeting

We are proud of them all.

It’s what makes us different. We are all equals and we all have our say.

“Where else would you find the CEO making calls to clients on a daily basis, keeping them updated and in the loop?” Christine asks.

She‘s clearly found the right place for the next part of her career, and we’ve clearly found the right Office Manager for TeamCES.

Christine does things differently, and so do we.

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