Completely Compliant Cameras Halo

Completely Compliant Cameras Halo

At #TeamCES we don’t just go on about compliance because it’s a buzz word in the industry, or because we think it makes us look good, we are committed to compliance because it is the right thing to do.

An industry without compliance is a shady and dangerous thing to consider, for people on both sides of the system…

For vulnerable debtors, compliance gives reassurance that they will be dealt with fairly and consistently.

For Enforcement Agents, compliance ensures high standards, fair practice and accountability.
How do we ensure compliance at #TeamCES?

Well, through training, setting the industry standard and through our own personal expectations, but also with the help of HALO Body Worn Cameras.

This piece of kit is one of the most valuable tools for any Enforcement Agent.

Non threatening, non intimidating and fairly subtle, these high powered cameras can be worn with zero discomfort or awkwardness for agents, and without any overbearing intrusion on anyone involved in a case, including vulnerable debtors.

Oerability through years of experience and bespokur agents are trained to spot the signs of vulne training programmes anyway, but the footage they capture on their body worn cameras ensures that no one slips through the cracks, as we are able to rewatch the films, review our actions and reflect on what to do next.

In some cases, we are able to use the footage captured to make retrospective referrals to local authorities and debt charities, or to aid us in the process of setting fair and realistic settlement agreements.

So, we just record stuff and watch it later?

What’s the big deal?

It’s all in the technology…

These bad boys are the time machines of the body worn camera world.

Even before the agent presses the record button, time lapse and delaying technology means that the minute leading up to the switch on has already been recorded.

Yep, impressive stuff.

We aren’t worried about the integrity of our agents mind you, but just for that extra peace of mind, check this out…

Our models of HALO Body Worn cameras are docked each night, sending all footage to a secure vault, with the relevant identification tags and time stamps, to guard against any actual tampering or to provide evidence that would contradict accusations of tampering.

Like we said before, it’s great for our agents, but it’s invaluable for debtors, vulnerable people and members of the public, as it all but guarantees our compliance, whilst providing the vital reassurance that everything will be dealt with fairly and consistently, every single time.

The level of compliance provided by HALO Body Worn Cameras ensures those two things – fairness and consistency.

And that’s why we’ll only use the best at #TeamCES.

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