Confidence Is Key

Confidence Is Key

When it comes to the day to day assignments of a Certificated Enforcement Agent, the importance of confidence is sometimes overlooked.

Morgan Sheldon, of Shergroup Enforcement, believes that with “confidence in knowledge comes confidence in dealings,” and this is the perfect summary of how we see things at TeamCES.

Being confident as an Enforcement Agent doesn’t mean ‘showing off’, with an attitude of superiority. It isn’t about being loud and imposing, or trying to be something that you’re not with an insincere approach to your dealings.

It isn’t about being ‘untouchable’ and without fault either.

This would be arrogance.

Often confused with confidence by those don’t fully understand it, arrogance is something that will prevent Enforcement Agents from doing their job well. It creates tension, negative feeling and is bad for the industry.

Confidence though, is key.

If Enforcement Agents feel reassured that they are well versed in the ins and outs of the instructions they carry out, then when it comes to actually serving Notices or Taking Control of Goods, they will feel confident that they are operating to the highest standards and to the letter of the law.

This doesn’t happen overnight of course.

That’s why our agents are all trained to the Level 3 standard, meaning that they receive the knowledge they need in order to be able to carry out the roles of the job.

The knowledge doesn’t just come from books and slideshows though, and we ensure that first hand experience is one of the main elements of our training, just as we feel all Enforcement companies should.

London cabbies don’t go out on the job for the first time having just looked at maps…

Build your knowledge, build your skill set, build your confidence, build your reputation.

That’s what we’re about at TeamCES and that’s why our clients have the utmost confidence in us.

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