COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) Advice for Court Enforcement Agents

COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) Advice for Court Enforcement Agents

If you haven’t heard about the spread of coronavirus over the last month or so, chances are you’ve been living under a rock…

Living under a rock, or at least in complete isolation, is exactly what some sources are advising, and so with every part of society from schools to Premier League football clubs issuing advice and guidelines on the subject, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at things from a bailiff’s point of view.

So here goes…

As with many pandemics, viruses and health scares, the people who are most at risk are those with underlying health problems, or those who are naturally more susceptible to illness and infection, such as infants, the elderly and pregnant women.

The rate of infection in the UK, so far at least, is pretty slow, with confinement and quarantine measures proving to be very effective.

A top hospital official claims the UK is “more than ready” for however serious the situation becomes, given the extensive ventilation equipment that the NHS has available right across the country.

So far, only one Briton has actually died from becoming infected, a holidaymaker who had been in quarantine after contracting the illness aboard a cruise ship, off of Yokohama, in Japan.

Whilst any individual case is desperately sad for those involved, and the ongoing situation in China is hard to read about, what this all adds up to is a situation that is definitely concerning, but perhaps nothing to panic about.

Yet, anyway…

Court Enforcement Agents like ours, come into contact with all sorts of people on a daily basis, and our advice is pretty simple.

Go about your business as you usually would, only with an extra degree of attention to your personal hygiene.

Wash your hands as often as possible with hot, soapy water, or with a gel sanitizer.

Try and refrain from close physical contact, wherever possible. This includes shaking hands if it can be avoided.

When visiting a location that either has a high volume of people present, or is unclean, be mindful of what you are touching, where you are standing and what, if anything, leaves the premises with you.

If you feel as though you are developing cold or flu like symptoms, call 111 immediately for advice.

It isn’t rocket science…

We’re not playing things down at all, as this is clearly a developing issue causing distress to many thousands of people globally.

We are however confident that our agents have the common sense and wherewithal to be able to look after themselves and those they deal with.

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.

Catch it, kill it, bin in.

Look after each other.

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