Enforcement Conduct Authority the Oversight Body is a Great Idea

Enforcement Conduct Authority the Oversight Body is a Great Idea

Court Enforcement Specialists support the Enforcement Conduct Authority

We at Court Enforcement Specialists (TeamCES) have joined the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA) in supporting the creation of what the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) calls…

…’a new enforcement oversight body’.

Regulation within this industry is so important, and we have been at the forefront of companies calling for transparency in enforcement.

We practice what we preach as well, with extra measures such as our Halo body worn cameras, regular training and accurate reporting procedures. It all adds up to making enforcement more visible and much more widely understood than it ever has been before.

There is nothing to hide about how we operate, and if an enforcement oversight body provides further reassurance for people out there, then we say that it’s a great move.

Not only that though, a new enforcement oversight body would help to eliminate rogue companies and rogue Enforcement Agents (bailiffs), as well as providing an extra layer of protection for the vulnerable.

It’s all good.

In the recent report, ‘Taking Control for Good’, The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) announced plans for the new body (to be named the Enforcement Conduct Authority) and said that it would provide “independent, fair and formal supervision of enforcement.”

We always look to the HCEOA for guidance, and with Chair, Alan J. Smith, adding his endorsement with the following statement, we can only echo his words…

He said...

“We already have a Code of Best Practice which our members are expected to adhere to, so this is a logical next step. It’s great that the whole concept and remit of the proposed Enforcement Conduct Authority has been co-designed by the debt relief sector, working together alongside the CSJ and the enforcement profession. We’re very supportive.”

The HCEOA are very supportive then, and every single member of TeamCES is too.

Changing the face of High Court and Civil Enforcement is what we’re all about, and this is a huge step in the right direction for the whole industry.

High Court Enforcement Officers Association supports the creation of a new enforcement oversight body (hceoa.org.uk)

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