Halo Body Worn Cameras – Our Guardian Angel

Halo Body Worn Cameras – Our Guardian Angel

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been using the outstanding pieces of kit from Halo for more than twelve months now, but since we introduced them to you, they have proven to be an invaluable addition to our toolkit.

All of our #TeamCES Agents wear these cameras on every single assignment they go on, and as soon as their boots touch the floor, the cameras start recording everything that goes on in crystal clear vision and pitch perfect sound.

In fact, the cameras actually start recording one minute before the ‘record’ button is pressed, just in case we miss something!

Now, the benefits of this technology cannot be overstated, they are literally game changers in the world of enforcement, and vital pieces of the puzzle in achieving our aim of ethical enforcement.

On the occasion that we have received a complaint over the last year or so, we have been able to check back on the recorded footage to see if the complainant’s account of what happened is true and accurate.

Complaints come with the territory in this industry, we all know that, but we have been so pleased and proud to see that our Enforcement Agent’s written accounts of assignments always match up with the recorded footage.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be welcome as part of #TeamCES, because we believe in honesty, fairness and accountability.

The undisputable accountability that these cameras provide has brought plenty of complaints to very swift resolutions, when it was clear that the complainant’s account didn’t match up with what had actually happened.

This doesn’t mean we take the integrity of our Agents for granted though, as we know that this isn’t a fair approach. To that end, we use the footage to review the work of our Agents, honing in on details such as whether or not the correct scripts were followed, or if social distancing practices were upheld throughout.

We’re not keeping tabs on our people in doing this, but we’re ensuring a consistent high standard of enforcement.

This is good for us, it’s good for our agents, but it should be comforting for the debtors we come into contact with as well, as they have confidence that we document absolutely everything, from start to finish, so that everyone is kept safe at all times.

So, from #TeamCES, we want to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone at Halo.

The products are invaluable to our operations. The service team are always on hand to support us, in the field or back at HQ, and the technology is ahead of the game.

We know that we do things the right way, and we know that our Agents do too, but the Cloud storage, and then the deep storage we have invested in, mean that every single #TeamCES assignment is available to review and reflect upon, whenever it is needed, forever.

This provides reassurance to the people we come into contact with, but it also ensures that everyone at #TeamCES is singing off the same hymn sheet and pulling in the right direction.

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