High Court Writ Quick, County Court Bailiffs Slow, Tsunamis Floods and Waves

High Court Writ Quick, County Court Bailiffs Slow, Tsunamis Floods and Waves

Well, the 1st June came and went without the predicted tsunami of evictions. Hundreds of thousands of people weren’t turfed out onto the street and left homeless, as the tabloids predicted.

Frankly, it was never going to be like that!

Fortunately for all of us, the landlord industry in this country is largely populated by compassionate and caring people, who know that they rely on tenants to keep the industry alive, and so flooding the communities of England with more evictees wouldn’t have served anyone.

They do need to get their money back though, or repossess their properties…

…and so, surely things have started to gather speed?

Not exactly…

…you see, as we’ve said all along, County court bailiffs were never going to be able to operate any faster than they did pre Covid, especially when you consider the backlog they are now faced with.

They are working under extremely challenging circumstances and trying to deal with a number of cases that they just can’t manage as quickly as they’re coming in and mounting up.

There was never going to be a tsunami of evictions, but there has definitely been a wave of landlords seeking them.

They’re all coming in faster than they can get them out again, and like water coming into a sinking boat, you have to wonder how long it’ll be before it ends up capsized...

Priority is being given to cases where anti-social behavior or fraud are involved, which should offer some relief, but ultimately, we’re still living in a ‘first come, first served’ type situation, leaving many landlords high and dry (and not in a good way!)

There has been a big push for settling cases out of court, with mediation trials and the granting of Breathing Space applications, but at #TeamCES, we know how landlords can jump the queue and get things moving much more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

#TeamCES are helping our clients obtain High Court Writs right now.

In a nutshell, as the title says…

“High Court Writ Quick, County Court Bailiffs Slow…”

That’s just how it is right now, so for a faster and more effective solution, landlords should speak to #TeamCES and we’ll tackle these tsunamis, floods and waves together.

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