High Standards Save Lives

High Standards Save Lives

At #TeamCES, we don’t just follow the rules, regulations and law because we have to.

We follow them because it’s all about setting the highest standards possible in everything we do, to ensure the safety of everyone we come into contact with, not least our fantastic team of High Court Enforcement Officers.

When it comes to dealing with trespassers and traveller groups, we believe that high standards keep us safe, and that they really can keep other people and their property from harm too.

When other agencies, individuals or groups take it upon themselves to try and deal with things in a way that is, let’s say ‘less professional’, or even worse, against the law, things have a habit of turning ugly.

We understand why people become frustrated or angry when confronted with trespassers, but the only way to handle situations like this is with a calm and collected approach.

We’re not saying that anyone who is injured or has their property vandalised is at fault, but we are suggesting that incidents like the following example can be avoided.

On a recent eviction, we arrived on the scene to be met by a group of construction workers, who had tried to remove a group of travellers themselves.

Again, we understand the frustration, but things have to be done in the correct way.

With no legal right to do so, no experience and no prior relationships, this was always going to turn ugly.

And it did.

An evictee is alleged to have stabbed one of the construction workers in the head with a pitchfork.

Scary stuff.

Further to that, it is alleged that the construction workers’ cars were damaged by members of the group.
The situation had real potential to escalate even further, as the construction workers then retaliated by blocking the travellers in with large pieces of steel.

Due to the apparent risk to members of our team, we conducted dynamic risk assessments, observing the scene from a distance, before requesting support from the police. When we eventually went onto site, we had a plan, a back up plan and agents in reserve, ready to back us up if needed.

As soon as we arrived on site, we set about resolving the situation with the knowledge and knowhow that our team has developed over many years and many similar assignments.

With vital help from the local police, we took control of things and ultimately removed the large group of travellers peacefully, promptly, and without any further violence or vandalism.

Efficient, effective and fair, how it should be.

That’s exactly why we’re committed to high standards, because they really can (and do) save time, energy and even lives.

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