Jack Donnelly

Jack Donnelly

For anyone coming into the world of court enforcement from the outside, there can still be that outdated idea that it’s a world full of hard talking, mean looking bully boys, only interested in making things awkward for the people they come into contact with.

Our new social media man and marketing manager, Jack Donnelly, had heard all the stories himself, and so when he came to work for CES just over a month ago, he was understandably a little unsure as to how his day to day working life would look.

Having looked online for opportunities, after things became a little “stale” in his last role, Jack found that working within this industry was anything but the strict and ultra serious image he’d had in his head.

Jack had jumped from job to job in his early twenties, trying to work out what he was good at. In his own words…

“I wasn’t half bad at marketing and social media, so I gave that a try.”

Ultimately, that has brought him to work in an industry he knew little about, and now he is tasked with changing the wider perception of an industry that is nothing like people expect it to be.

Jack loves the laid back, no pressure atmosphere of working in the office at CES, where he even admits that one or two pranks get played.

Not pointing any fingers!

This is essential to keep spirits up, especially when the team are dealing with some really serious stuff, identifying vulnerability and trying to signpost people to the correct channels of support. As far as Jack is concerned, it’s about balancing the need for seriousness with the need to take the pressure off from time to time, something which the team at CES do better than most.

As part of his day to day role, Jack receives photographs and accounts from our Agents in the field, informing him of what’s going on. It’s then Jack’s job to get this information out on social media, in a clear and consistent message to our followers.

Part of this has to involve understanding the industry, and Jack says he’s gaining more and more understanding on a daily basis. He’s learning all the time. Posting on social media, managing the website, but most importantly, he’s building relationships on behalf of CES with other stakeholders.

His goal for the company is to get us out there as much as he can.

His personal goal is to one day set up an organisation that supports mental health, another value that he shares with CES.

And what does he think of CES then?

“We are respectful, we have empathy, we have respect…”

Those are Jack’s words, but we couldn’t agree more and we’re really looking forward to seeing how far he can develop his role, building his portfolio and crafting his marketing skills as a whole.

For Jack, it’s about challenging viewpoints, addressing reputations and bringing out the human side to our industry. He’s got plenty of ideas in the pipeline, so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for things like Podcasts.

Welcome to the team, Jack. Let’s crack on with challenging those misconceptions. You’ve already challenged your own, now it’s time for the rest of the world.

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