Josh Nugent Topping – #TeamCES through and through

Josh Nugent Topping – #TeamCES through and through

At just 25 years of age, #TeamCES Enforcement Agent, Josh, has an old head on young shoulders.

It might be his five years in the Army…

…it might be the three years under his belt already, working within this industry…

…it could even be that he’s a just humble and hardworking lad.

We think that it’s probably a combination of these things that stand Josh out as a talented and motivated member of the team.

So, what’s his story?

Josh went into the Army at 17 years of age, serving in the 2nd Battalion of the Duke of Lancaster, and he is right to be incredibly proud of his contributions on behalf of Queen and country. We recruit a lot of our Certificated Enforcement Agents from ex-forces personnel, and one conversation with Josh is enough to tell you why.

He is highly motivated; he is down to earth and he is extremely personable. Perfect attributes for someone coming into this industry.

And how did Josh hear about this industry exactly?

He is honest enough to admit that seeing programmes such as ‘Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away’ gave Josh his first look at what being a ‘bailiff’ might involve.

He has since realised that there is so much more to it than the producers of those programmes would have you believe (Thank God) and that the way things appear on screen are rarely the correct way to do things, or even accurate representations of the industry.

Fortunately for Josh (and us at TeamCES) he already had a few friends and Army colleagues who were working for us, and they were able to speak with experience about exactly what’s involved.

With his interest sparked, his motivation high, and endorsements from trusted allies ringing in his ears, Josh took his first step into the world of enforcement about three years ago, and we’re delighted to say that he’s been with Court Enforcement Specialists ever since.

For Josh, enforcement presented a real opportunity to carve himself a good career, with progression and a pathway through the ranks.

Right now, Josh specialises in evictions, particularly traveller evictions, and we have to say – he’s very good at what he does.

It’s nothing like the TV cameras would have you believe (most of the time anyway) and Josh puts his success rate down to one thing – building relationships.

By his own admission, Josh can be deployed on traveller evictions from Carlisle to Plymouth and from Wales to Hull, meaning he’s all over the place from one week to the next, but he relishes getting to know the people he comes into contact with, whether that’s on a B&Q car park in Bolton, or in what Josh calls – “some random field in Exeter…”

The key to building relationships with the people in these communities lies in treating them all as individuals, with respect and patience. Josh knows some of them very well, and can even get on with them when he sees them. He’s wise enough to know that this isn’t the case across the board though, and so uses his discretion on every single job.

For Josh, it’s about keeping the company name (Court Enforcement Specialists) up there to be recognised and respected. He’s proud to work for us, and we’re proud that he does. Here’s what he had to say about working for #TeamCES

“A lot of companies will say they’re like a family, but CES really is. Gareth is like a dad; he’ll ring us up and sometimes just take us out for breakfast. He checks up on us and is really hands on with the way he manages things.”

High praise for our CEO that may be, but the respect is reciprocated and everyone thinks very highly of Josh too. He has received letters of recognition for a job well done from clients, and that is a feeling like no other, so Josh says.

It’s not an easy job, as Josh well knows, but it can be incredibly rewarding when you give it your all.

In one of Josh’s earliest assignments, he really did have to give it his all, when a pistol was pulled out and pointed at him and his colleagues upon the enforcement of a Writ.

Scary stuff, but having spent five years in the Army, and received industry training, Josh knew just what to do.

“It’s about slowing everything down” he says, so that making your decisions can be a thoughtful and considered process, rather than rushed and reactive. The incident was a scary one, but full collection was made in the end (and no one got shot!)

Thankfully, it’s not always as dramatic as that, but whenever it’s needed, Josh is able to call upon his de-escalation expertise and experience to bring things to a safe and happy resolution, for everyone…

…because as much as Josh enjoys achieving success for the client, he is also acutely aware of his duty to those he enforces against.

Josh speaks openly about how he always tries to identify any vulnerabilities on each job, whether that’s disabilities, covid-19 implications or the presence of young children.

“We’re like counsellors” he says, but he doesn’t begrudge that responsibility, taking it upon himself to direct people to the correct channels of support – Citizen’s Advice, the Council, Debt Advice Charities.

So, that’s Josh’s story just three years in to his life as an Enforcement Agent, but what advice would he give to himself if he could go back to the start?

“Again, it’s about slowing everything down and thinking about every action before, during and after doing it…”

A great bit of advice from Josh there, and on behalf of everyone at #TeamCES, we want to give him a bit of a pat on the back and say…

‘Keep going, you’re doing us all proud!’

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