Landlords to get back the power!

Landlords to get back the power!

It was announced recently that the government is planning to stomp out anti-social behaviour by giving more authority and power to the police to target people with swift and visible justice.

A total of 16 areas will be supported by enforcement patrols and a new scheme called "immediate Justice". These schemes will both be put into action in 2024. This new approach of zero tolerance will see nitrous oxide, (more commonly known as laughing gas) being banned as the drug is now one of the top 3 most used drugs by young people in the UK.

With these new schemes, the government is planning on revamping the private rented sector by enforcing tougher enforcement on nuisance tenants. This has been highly requested so that tenants can not be unfairly evicted whilst also allowing landlords to take possession of their property under considerable and reasonable situations and circumstances.

Intimidating and disruptive behaviour will no longer be tolerated and will lead to an eviction of the tenant if the landlord deems an eviction necessary. The government will be giving more power to landlords by giving them the appropriate tools and authority to ensure that anti-social tenants will be dealt with correctly and in a fair manner dependant on the tenants behaviour, making the grounds for possession much easier and quicker.

#TeamCES is over the moon with the government's decision, however, only time will tell if this plan will be a success. As of now, landlords and property managers still struggle to shake off bad tenants. Let's just hope this new action plan makes a difference.

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