Nicky Morgan calls for Debt Management Bill

Nicky Morgan calls for Debt Management Bill

During her time as Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, Nicky Morgan, former Conservative Cabinet Minister, oversaw research into how vulnerable people are affected and supported through their troubles with debt.

It comes as no surprise to us at #TeamCES, that her enquiries found debt and enforcement companies like ours to be the most supportive for vulnerable people, with their direction to helplines and community orientated support services.

We will always look out for the most vulnerable people in our society, and we know of so many other companies doing great work with the very people who may have had reason to fear them the most.

As she laments the lack of similar Governmental support systems, Morgan is also able to realise that offering this level of support is not just the right thing to do, but also something that makes sense for all stakeholders.

The ongoing pandemic has shown the true level of division between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in our country, with every single one of us facing the same storm, but in very different boats. Nicky Morgan is calling for legal requirements for debtors to be able to set up payment plans, without spiraling enforcement costs or heavy handed tactics, and she’s right.

The opportunity to pay debts off over a longer period of time could keep heads above water and stop those battered boats sinking for a little while longer. Hopefully for long enough to avoid some of the disastrous side effects of debt…

Up to 100,000 people attempt suicide due to debt issues on an annual basis.

If that doesn’t shock you, nothing will, and it is clearly something we all have a moral obligation to try and remedy.

Debts will always have to be repaid, of course they will, but Nicky Morgan is calling for an end to aggressive debt collection, the kind of which is still often favoured by many Councils across the country.

She is encouraging understanding, patience and empathy, which are all things that we at #TeamCES are big believers in.

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