No Licence? That’s fine…a £1000 fine

No Licence? That’s fine…a £1000 fine

Here at #TeamCES, we can not stress the importance of licencing. Especially licencing a rented property.

Unfortunately, Muhammer Ahmed was fined over £1,000 by a magistrate for failing to properly licence a rented property.

Mr Ahmed was prosecuted by Burnley council and was ordered to pay £300 costs and a £65 victim surcharge for failing to properly licence a house in Burnley that he owned and rented a swell as a £660 fine.

Despite multiple attempts by council officer to contact Mr Ahmed via E-Mail and letters, he still failed to properly apply for a licence.

Burnley Council’s executive member for housing and development control Cllr John Harbour had this to say:

“We want to work with private landlords to help improve standards for their tenants, In this case the landlord was given every opportunity to do the right thing, apply for a licence and work with us but he thought he could ignore us. It’s proved to be costly for him.”

TeamCES could not agree more with Cllr John Harbour’s statement. Mr Ahmed was given multiple chances and opportunities to avoid this outcome but failed to do so.

Please remember when renting out a property that you have the correct legal documentation and the correct licencing.

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