Our Conscience Is Clear

Our Conscience Is Clear

As a couple of UK charities have labelled bailiff action right now ‘unconscionable’, we feel it is only fair that we have our right of response, so here’s a look at things from a different viewpoint…

‘Taking Action’ are a group calling for bailiff regulation in the UK, but we think that we’re a step ahead of them, as we have been shouting from the rooftops about our brand of ethical enforcement for a long time now.

We’ve also been practicing what we preach, which is a lot more than can be said for some of the people these charities say need protection.

Bear with us…

As soon as the word ‘enforcement’ comes into play, a sudden strictness towards Government guidelines appears from the people who would ordinarily be visited within their homes under the Taking Control of Goods guidance.

They fear that COVID-19 will be transmitted from a Court Enforcement Agent during their visit, but wait a minute, has there been any evidence of enforcement visits being the cause of a single case of the transmission of coronavirus?

No, there hasn’t.

And here’s why…

  • Our Agents are not currently permitted to go inside a debtor’s property when they visit, and must stand well back in accordance with social distancing, throughout the duration of the visit.
  • Our Agents are fully kitted out in all of the necessary PPE, for the benefit of the debtor, the wider community and the Agents themselves.
  • Our Agents are fully trained in the protocols surrounding COVID-19 and how these apply to enforcement.

Basically, we’re taking every step necessary to prevent transmission, and we want everyone to know that.

Now, why aren’t certain debtors practicing what they preach?

Well, if they don’t want visitors on the doorstep, who are socially distanced, highly trained and wearing full PPE, you’d be surprised if they were letting anyone else into their homes.

Actually, inside their homes.

But some are.

We’ve heard and seen accounts of how debtors have had the Sky man in for example, to repair their box, or to install the service in a second room. We’ve heard reports of mobile barbers, mobile hairdressers and mobile beauty professionals going into peoples’ homes. We’re not entirely sure on their individual health and safety protocols, but we’re pretty sure they shouldn’t be doing this. We know that certain debtors have been ordering takeaways on the regular, and they haven’t seemed overly fussed about the possible transmission of COVID-19 from a doorstep drop off of a donner kebab.

We’re starting to think it’s just us they don’t want to visit, and that it’s just us who the rules apply for.

Listen, we’re not tarring everyone with the same brush here, and we know that there are plenty of people with valid concerns over who visits their property, how and when, but we’re aware of this, and we have adapted our methods and expectations accordingly.

The charities say that bailiff action right now is unconscionable, but what do they have to say about every other kind of visitor that a debtor receives?

Hopefully we’ve made our point, and either way, our conscience is clear.

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