Parking up the wrong tree

Parking up the wrong tree

Parking up the wrong tree…

When Parklife festival rolls into Heaton Park each year, the locals of Prestwich and the nearby areas expect noise, a lot of litter and maybe even the odd intoxicated teenager trying to get into their shed…

…what they don’t expect though, is for Parking Wardens, working on behalf of Bury Council, to slap parking tickets on their cars, which are parked up outside their own homes.

That’s exactly what happened to one resident whilst he was at work.

His neighbour and father tried to reason with the Parking Warden at the time, but to no avail.

Now, in fairness, the Parking Warden was only doing their job, as there was no official permit displayed on the car. Each year, residents receive their parking permits via the Macabi Centre, off Old Bury Road, either by phone or email.

The family claim they had applied for extras to the two normally given, but heard nothing back.
At this point, we would have to say that some responsibility falls with the family, because you should always ensure you have the correct permits at the correct time.

That said, this issue could easily have been resolved by Bury Council, had they simply checked the electoral register upon receiving the first appeal…

Instead, the first appeal to the original fine of £70 was rejected.

Bury Council then say they heard nothing back after this, and have the timeline to prove it, but at #TeamCES, we think that the issue should have been nipped in the bud early doors, with a little common sense and, again, a quick look at the electoral register.

With the debt passed onto a bailiff company, the outstanding amount spiralled from the £70 fine up to a staggering £424, according to the last correspondence the family received.

It’s a lot for anyone to have to pay, but for this particular individual, a ‘young, hard working lad’, it really does seem like an extra smack in the face, especially when the original ‘offence’ was parking outside his own home…

…or was it?

And this is where we’re torn a little.

Yes, the car was parked up outside this person’s home, but by the letter of the law, irrespective of the circumstances, the correct permit wasn’t on display.

The Traffic Warden was only doing their job.

Now, you might argue that Bury Council are only doing their job too, following the protocol to the letter.
But we still think a little common sense should have prevailed. Here’s how it could’ve gone…

Check the electoral register, remind them of the need to display the correct permit and move on.

Oh well, you live and learn.

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