Private Rental Sector – Shaken, not stirred.

Private Rental Sector – Shaken, not stirred.

The biggest shake up in 30 years is about to happen as a revolution is on its way for landlords and tenants in the private rental sector.

The aim by the Government's Renters Reform Bill is to transform renting for good by abolishing no fault evictions among other measures like introducing an ombudsman to enforce renters' rights, making it illegal for potential tenants to be rejected for being on benefits.

However there is a lot to deal with if you are a tenant or a landlord as the bill will be debated and voted on before the end of May 2023.

The introduction of the property portal will provide tenants with a more transparent view of the property they are intending to rent which will aid councils of any serious problems that are lingering or take enforcement action against landlords acting illegally.

But how will this property portal help tenants?

Well it is hoped that the portals will be a reliable online resource for tenants and it will be introduced so tenants are able to access any information they need about their landlord to make decisions on taking on a lease.

How will this property portal help the landlords though you may be wondering?

It imposes a duty on landlords to make sure the properties they are renting out are free from health and safety risks. This will provide most useful for new landlords especially. Local authorities will also benefit from this as their ability to enforce against landlords acting illegally will be improved as the landlords will be required to register their property on the portal.

These changes are not in force yet, however it is likely that a decision will be made by May this year.

#TeamCES feel this will be revolutionary for the entire industry and we are eager to see the result of the debate in May.

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