Horse/Equine Removal

Grazing or Abandoned Horses is when someone who deliberately leaves Horses on your Land without permission and either ties them up or allows them to occupy your land freely. This is sometimes known as ‘Fly Grazing’.

Although Fly Grazing isn’t in itself a crime, new laws have been brought in to clamp down on people illegally abandoning Livestock & horses.

Traveller Community

It is a very common occurrence for Court Enforcement Specialists to come across Livestock or horses when Evicting Travellers/Gypsy’s as the community often trades in livestock & horses between families & third parties. If we are Enforcing on a Writ of possession is to remove the persons on the land it does not give us the authority to remove livestock and horses this is done under common law as it is the responsibility of the landowner if the Travellers/Gypsy’s leave Livestock or Horses behind this is known as fly-grazing.


The Control of Horses Act 2015 was brought in, to simplify issues concerning fly-grazing. Under the new Act, fly-grazing Livestock & Horses must be reported to the relevant Police force within 24 hours and the owners have four days to reclaim their animal’s. Under the previous Animals Act 1971 an abandoned horses could only be disposed of after 14 days through sale at market or public auction.

Enforcement action

Court Enforcement Specialists operate’s in Equine Enforcement & can remove Horses, Donkeys, Ponies, Cattle etc, from Private Land and also Council Land. We have Enforced for Local Authorities, Private Clients & Central Government Authorities.

Welfare of the Livestock or Horse

Once we have been instructed the welfare of the animal(s) is priority, every effort will be made to ensure reasonable care is taken into consideration. We initially do a risk assessment then inform the Police direct within 24hrs. Once we have served Notice the owners of the livestock or horses have four days to claim their animals. Within this time we will ensure the livestock or horses have aftercare service and veterinary checks if the owner fails to acknowledge our notices the Enforcement action will take effect & the livestock or horses will be removed.

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