Recruitment……..Looking In The Right Places

Recruitment……..Looking In The Right Places

Recruitment is an issue that every industry has to grapple with. Finding the right people for the job has never been an easy task for anyone, which is why sayings like “can’t get the staff” are commonly heard throughout our country.

It’s used as a light hearted, throwaway comment in most cases for sure, but it carries real weight and reflects an underlying frustration that it is genuinely difficult to look for and indeed to find suitable candidates.

In the Enforcement industry, on paper at least, it shouldn’t be any different.

But the task is made more manageable by looking in the right places.

At TeamCES, we look to the armed forces and for service leavers looking for a new career.

Our friends and colleagues at Shergroup have a history of looking to the police.

Former armed forces and former police then, but why?

It comes down to standards.

We are in the business of improving standards across this industry. We want to improve standards and then to set the new standards going forward.

To do this, we need to work with people who are used to working to certain standards, and who are capable of maintaining these standards for as long as they’re with us.

In the armed forces, it is just as important to maintain your presentation on your last day of service, as it is on your first day.

In the police, there isn’t a date on the calendar where your professionalism, integrity and honesty can have a day off.

This certainly doesn’t mean that just because you’re ex armed forces or ex police, that you’ll be a great fit for the industry, as there’s a lot more to it than that.

What it does give an indication of is those standards we’re talking about.

‘Levels’ you could call them, to speak to a younger audience.

It means the same thing.

To improve the standards of the industry we need to look for people who know what standards are, and who are used to keeping them.

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