Ross Johnson Davies

Ross Johnson Davies

Having worked as an Enforcement Agent before the pandemic, we can’t think of too many people who are better qualified to take on the role of Client Relationship Manager than Ross.

Ross worked as part of the #TeamCES Enforcement Agent set up, out in the field, for around 3 years, and so has plenty of first hand experience of what it means to play an active part in this industry.

It’s an industry that can be both mentally and emotionally challenging, but Ross thinks that the pressures on people today, are even greater than when he himself was making doorstep visits.

“Everyone is being squeezed from every direction...” he says, of course referring to the ‘Cost of Living’ crisis, and he’s right.

At CES, we’re seeing more and more people struggling with different types of debt, but our job has to be to differentiate between those who can, but won’t pay, and those who really can’t pay.

We always achieve the best outcome for our clients, but we do this in the right way, and if that means setting up a manageable payment agreement, that’s exactly what we do.

As Ross puts it...

...”This is a different standard of enforcement.”

The marriage between our company ethos, and the individual motivations of a largely ex military workforce leads to exemplary enforcement, where every effort is made to ensure things are done ‘by the book’, ethically, and in order to achieve positive outcomes for clients.

For someone whose role is within sales, Ross knows a lot about our industry, and that obviously comes from his genuine involvement on the ground, so to speak. He’s still involved in evictions to this day, as and when he’s called upon.

Ross says that our commitment to high standards stretches across everything we do. He says that our Agents...

...”slow things down, weigh up each situation on its own merit and make things more understandable.”

In an evolving situation where bad news seems to be coming on a daily basis, this commitment to consistent high standards will be more important than ever before.

“A modern breed of enforcement agents,” as Ross calls them, makes up our workforce, challenging reputations and maintaining high standards on every single assignment.

As for Ross’ assignments, he is looking to build and strengthen relationship with solicitors, as he knows just how well our companies will be able to work together.

They know that he’ll be able to answer any questions they may have, as he has seen our company operate from all angles.

On behalf of #TeamCES, Ross wants to let people know about our commitment to high standards, which is three-fold. It’s a commitment to high standards on behalf of each individual.

It’s a commitment to high standards on behalf of the company.

And it’s a commitment to high standards on behalf of the industry.

Professionally, Ross aligns himself with CES, and personally, he speaks highly of the camaraderie, support and occasional banter which make this a fantastic place to work.

Solicitors who would like to speak to Ross about how we can support their operations, should contact the CES office and ask to speak to Ross.

It’s not about pigeon holing our team into only knowing about their particular areas, at #TeamCES we want to work holistically, with every member of the team feeling confident and assured enough to talk about the company and its values, whenever they have the opportunity.

Having worked on the ground and now in the office, Ross is perfectly positioned to lead from the front with this.

As he rightly says, this is a different standard of enforcement.

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