Self Defence Classes for TeamCES Agents

Self Defence Classes for TeamCES Agents

If it’s good enough for NYPD, it’s good enough for TeamCES…

It’s an unfortunate truth that we live in an age where knife crime is prevalent in our communities…

The carrying or keeping of knives is common, particularly amongst young people, and it falls upon people in industries like ours to be prepared for any kind of attack or provocation where a bladed weapon is used.

Because of the threat of knives to Court Enforcement Officers, we at TeamCES are pleased to work with Tony Moore and Steven Moore, a highly skilled, highly trained father and son duo. Working out of the Sitsiam Camp and Buddhai Swan Institute in Manchester, Tony and Steven are the highest graded instructors in Thai Martial Arts outside of Thailand. They are 1st and 2nd respectively.

They have delivered self defence classes to many groups and organisations, including the New York Police Department.

Now, we’re not the NYPD here at TeamCES, nor do we claim to be, but we hold our agents in such high regard that only the best will do. Tony and Steven are the best.

The pair came in to TeamCES to work with our team on a number of different disarming moves and general self defence tactics, specifically in the face of an attack with a bladed weapon.

The need for this is vital, as just a couple of weeks ago an agent of ours was confronted with a large knife by an agitated and angry debtor. This stuff happens more often than you might think, and only knowledge and experience can help our agents out when they’re in a difficult situation.
We operate with the mantra – ‘Back up, back off, back in’, and so none of Tony and Steven’s teachings are intended to upskill us for a fight, far from it in fact.

There is nothing brave about becoming a ‘have a go hero’ against a knife wielding debtor. It is far more sensible and safe to retreat.

Our agent did just that a few weeks ago, unlocking an exit door and planning their escape.

Tony and Steven’s teachings have shown us what to do in these very dangerous situations.

Can the confrontation be avoided? How can we get ourselves out of the situation? Those are our first thoughts.

When it goes beyond the threat though, we need to be able to deal with the attacks, the lunges and the assaults skillfully and safely. Our agents listened attentively, practiced the skills patiently and learned so much in a short space of time.

It’s about keeping everyone safe, the debtor, our agents and the wider community.

If that means coming together on a Friday to learn some new techniques from the absolute masters, the team at TeamCES will always be prepared to put the leg work in.

Whilst many of our Certificated Enforcement Agents work in pairs we do have lone workers who majority operate in low risk environments, we believe that as we arrive to a debtors door we can not control their reaction to our presence but we can control how we react back, which sometimes can be very dangerous conditions. Certain locations or working times are more perilous than others. We believe in appropriate protection that is tailored to each agents specific situation.

Huge thanks go to Tony and Steven, and we recommend them in the highest regard to anyone who feels they may need to learn self defence.

Debtors and Knives Take Lives………..

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