Sympathetic and Understanding – Not ‘Just.’ Talk!

Sympathetic and Understanding – Not ‘Just.’ Talk!

Right from the very outset of this tough and unprecedented crisis, everyone at TeamCES has been trying to operate with sympathy and understanding in all that we do. Not because that’s what the Government called for back in March/ April, but because that was the right thing to do.

Our industry has an age-old reputation for tough talk and decisive action, which many people seem to think is at odds with those two words; ‘sympathy’ and ‘understanding’…

The truth is, that with things the way they are for so many more than would ordinarily be the case, operating with sympathy and understanding is the only way forward.

Jamie Waller, Chris Badger and their team at Just. have outlined some pretty powerful new plans for their return to enforcement on the 24th August.

Like us, they are not planning on going in ‘all guns blazing’, as it were, but are looking at new technological measures to ensure that debtors are supported, as much as is feasibly possible.

It’s in everyone’s best interests - debtors, claimants, and ours too.

One of the measures they are going to implement seems to have taken inspiration from the rise in so called ‘Zoom’ culture, or an increase in the use of video technology over the last few months of lockdown…

‘Virtual Enforcement’, which will use a combination of video technology, accounting technology and open banking, aims to ease the pressures of enforcement visits on debtors, many of whom will be first time debtors, no doubt thrown into this mess by the coronavirus crisis.

Virtual enforcement will increase the compliance stage for debtors, whilst as long as both parties agree, a virtual enforcement meeting can even replace a face to face visit altogether.

This will be a comfort for vulnerable debtors, as it allows social distancing to remain in place for even longer than is currently being prescribed by the Government.

In addition to all of this, Just. estimates that enforcement costs will be cut by as much as 50%, when virtual enforcement takes over face to face visits, and whilst this would appear to be bad news for companies like ours on the face of it, what’s most important is that this saving is passed on to the debtors, which Just. say it absolutely will be.

These proposals have been consulted upon, reviewed and ratified by a whole host of knowledgeable and respected stakeholders. Just. say the implementation of these plans is all about protecting the vulnerable, rather than ticking boxes, which we are in complete agreement with.

That said, everything they have laid out is still in total compliance with the guidelines set out by Ofgem, so they tick the boxes anyway.

‘Effective, efficient and responsible’ is how Just. defines this new era of Virtual Enforcement, and we applaud them, given that this sits perfectly with the original idea of enforcement needing to take on a sympathetic and understanding approach.

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