#Team CES – Continuously Maintaining High Standards

#Team CES – Continuously Maintaining High Standards

In this industry, you’re only as good as your next job, and whilst our reputation has been well earned, we are not the kind of company to sit back on our laurels.

Instead, we are always looking at new ways to educate, train and develop our outstanding team in order to deliver on our promises of providing ethical enforcement, and identifying vulnerability.

Throughout the last ten months, we have commissioned training programmes for our Agents, specifically geared towards enforcement during a pandemic, and as ever, we have kept our focus razor sharp on the signs that suggest vulnerability.

With this in mind, we are excited to be attending a Webinar on Thursday, 4th February 2021, entitled...

Dealing with Rogue Bailiffs and Protecting People in Debt: creating a fairer debt collection industry

This isn’t just about companies like ours paying lip service to an idealistic idea, it’s about practicing what we preach, and ensuing that every single member of our team lives up to the standards we hold in the highest regard.

There are so many factors which can cause vulnerability, and the last thing a vulnerable person needs to encounter, is the stereotypical ‘bully bailiff’.

We don’t employ anyone like that, but we are aware that this outdated and archaic take on the profession still ensures, even though it does far more harm than good.

Any additional information we can take from a Webinar like this will be invaluable to the service we already offer, especially in relation to how we identify vulnerability and then signpost the people in need to the correct channels of support,

We’re seeing this as an opportunity to develop and maintain our high standards, but also as an opportunity to:

  • develop strong partnerships with various stakeholders to address upcoming debt issues faced by individuals and businesses in the UK
  • discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the incidence of bad debt collection practice and rogue bailiffs
  • analyse Government thinking on regulating the bailiff industry and assess new policy developments in tackling aggressive enforcement agents, identify gaps and recommend next steps
  • explore ways to improve accountability in the bailiff industry
  • examine the roles of Local Councils, the Local Government Ombudsman and the Parliamentary Ombudsman in assisting people who have experienced unnecessary bailiff activity
  • identify ways to provide debt advice and debt management services to people in need and particularly the most vulnerable
  • develop effective strategies by which councils and creditors can ensure they are able to reclaim money owed, while not potentially deploying a rogue bailiff

These are all things that #TeamCES already promote, but like we said, we never sit back and think our work is done.

We are committed to continuously maintaining high standards, and that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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