TeamCES are Corporate Members of the CEAA – Members and Proud!

TeamCES are Corporate Members of the CEAA – Members and Proud!

At TeamCES, we’re all about relationships.

Building them, maintaining them and most importantly, contributing to them.

That’s why we take our corporate membership to the CEAA (Certificated Enforcement Agents Association) so seriously.

The Association provides unity, consistency and clarity for Enforcement Agents working within the UK, and so it makes perfect sense for a company like ours to affiliate ourselves with such a body.

We’re proud to support the CEAA and also to see our name listed on their website amongst some other great companies, and feel assured that Certificated Enforcement Agents will be given the confidence to work with us, knowing that we stake our reputation on each and every assignment we carry out.

In our book, as long as there is clear guidance to follow in terms of sensitive subjects such as vulnerability and compliance, the difficult role of an Certificated Enforcement Agent on the ground becomes much more manageable.

The CEAA provide guidelines, advice and assistance to Certificated Enforcement Agents, so that they can go about their work, safe in the knowledge that a much larger association has their back.

Because that’s what this is all about, having each other’s back.

We back our Agents, our Agents back us, and the CEAA backs us all up in turn, as well.

We advise all of our Agents to sign up with the CEAA, as we believe they go the extra mile in supporting their members, just as we do in supporting those that choose to work with us.

We provide bespoke training, that goes above and beyond industry requirements, because we know that being on top of your game is good, but being one step ahead of the game is even better.

And that’s what being Corporate Members of the CEAA does for #TeamCES, it situates us at the head of the field, industry leaders if you like, alongside our fellow members and colleagues.

We work together to raise and maintain the highest of standards, and do all of this with the utmost commitment to our hardworking Agents.

So, to sum it all up, when we consider our Corporate Membership with the CEAA…

…we ask ourselves not what the CEAA can do for #TeamCES, but what #TeamCES can do for the CEAA!

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