The Children in Ukraine – Can You Help at Christmas?

The Children in Ukraine – Can You Help at Christmas?

You might remember a blog we put out recently, all about Steve Holland, and his work in Ukraine as a ‘Security Risk Advisor’.

If not, you can catch up with it here:

Well now, after a few visits to Ukraine working for huge organisations such as CNN, Sky News and the New York Times, Steve has been working with Warner Brothers to facilitate the filming of their programme – ‘Children of Ukraine’, which was recently shown on ITV.

Steve knew from very early on that this would be no normal assignment, and the sensitivity of the project centred around the extremely vulnerable children he came into contact with.

The programme showed the conflict and Russian occupation through the eyes of children, something which hadn’t been done up to this point, and the effect on Steve was profound.

Constant artillery fire and air bombardment has left some of these children orphaned and alone, due to their parents being killed in the attacks. It really is unimaginable, but it really is happening.
Steve not only facilitated the production of the programme, but went on to build excellent relationships with the families and children he met throughout the country.

And now he’s going back.

But Steve needs your help.

He is asking for whatever support you and your organisation can offer.

Could you provide logistical support? A donation?

Even a small wrapped present, or some warm clothing could make a difference to a child in Ukraine at the moment, as they head in to what is likely to be an incredibly difficult Christmas period.

Steve is fully accredited by the Ukrainian military to enter the country on a frequent basis, and given that he has access into liberated areas, he has many contacts who will allow him to personally deliver presents and support packages throughout the country, to where they are most needed.

If you think your organisation can offer Steve support, as he prepares for the trip, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with #TeamCES and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, you cant contact Steve directly on:

Let’s help Steve make a real difference to the children of Ukraine this Christmas.

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