The Children of Ukraine – Can You Help?

The Children of Ukraine – Can You Help?

As we have already reported recently, proud member of #TeamCES, Steve Holland, is planning to drive to Ukraine on the 10th December.

He is embarking on a humanitarian aid mission, taking supplies including Christmas presents to families living under constant bombardment and horrific conditions in Ukraine.

Together with his friend, Steve plans to visit places like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporitshia, Dnipro and Lviv.
They may be visiting hostile areas, but Steve says the reward is that they get to see a child smile at Christmas.

As well as working for #TeamCES, Steve is a high risk security advisor for Emerald Solutions Group and has been working in Ukraine since February with some of the biggest media channels around.
Having been involved in the production of a film that tells the story of the war through the eyes of children, Steve knows only too well what these children have already endured, and what they will soon face as the cold winter months linger on.

If you or your organisation can help Steve, please reach out and let him know.

Steve is asking for donations to take with him to Ukraine, in particular he is looking for:
A small wrapped present
A warm coat or clothing
Phone chargers
Head torches
Airpots (Hot water)
Sleeping bags
Or even a financial donation

Just Giving Page:

Needless to say, we’re very proud of Steve and the vital work he is engaged in.

Can you help him out with a donation?

Good luck, Steve and come back safe.

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