Vulnerability Tool Kit

Vulnerability Tool Kit

At Court Enforcement Specialists, we’re all about identifying the signs of vulnerability, and then signposting people to the right channels of support.

It isn’t going above and beyond as far as we’re concerned, it’s all part of the job...

…and it’s exactly what we mean when we talk about changing the face of enforcement.

With that in mind, we are obviously very supportive of any incentive (governmental or otherwise) which aims to help people avoid getting into debt in the first place, or help them manage their affairs once they have reached that point.

Sometimes though, it isn’t necessarily the debtor who needs the information and support.

Sometimes it’s the creditors and claimants who need a little advice and guidance on how to identify vulnerability, so that they can focus their efforts on the recovery of monies from those who can pay, but are choosing not to, rather than on those who actually can’t pay.

To assist with this, the Government has released a Debt Management Vulnerability Toolkit, designed to…

“…help public sector creditors support their vulnerable customers…”

…and we’re absolutely sure that it will prove to be a vital tool in the world of enforcement too.

For the team at #TeamCES, identifying vulnerability isn’t exactly easy, but it comes naturally given the amount of experience we have and the various training courses we undertake.

This tool aims to give front line staff like our High Court Enforcement Officers, but also the creditors themselves, the skills to…

“…identify and assist people facing physical and mental challenges…”

…and that can only be a good thing.

It will save time too, as recovery will then be able to be focused on the people who are deliberately trying to avoid repaying their debts.

In the wake of the pandemic, this is perhaps more important than ever with an unprecedented case load across the debt recovery industry.

Created collaboratively by the government’s Debt Fairness Group, local and central government, the debt advice sector and members from out own industry, this Toolkit could be a game changer in enforcement.

You can view it here:

One word of caution we would urge though, is that a form or a toolkit can’t tell you everything you need to know. For that, you need knowledge and knowhow, which #TeamCES have in spades.

We’ll continue to apply those things to our efforts to identifying vulnerability wherever we can.

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