Who needs Neo from the Matrix when we have Ryan the Apprentice……

Who needs Neo from the Matrix when we have Ryan the Apprentice……

Someone else who has a successful career ahead of them is Ryan. At just 18 years old, our Accounts Apprentice came to us fresh from college, where he had just passed his Level 3 course in accounting.

Not quite family, but Ryan knows one of the ladies in our office, Officer Manager Christine, and jumped at the opportunity to come into #TeamCES for a four day a week apprenticeship.

Ryan has only been here for five months, but his first impressions of the place were…

“It’s a really good team. Everyone is tight together and I’ve found it really easy to settle in.”

That’s great to hear, but we have to return the compliment and say that Ryan is great to have around too. At just 18, it’s remarkable to see how well he is doing in his new role.

Ryan is based in the office as part of the accounts team, where he says that Michelle and Lyndsay have been really supportive of him, teaching him a lot about his role and responsibilities.

Considering that this opportunity came up out of nowhere, is Ryan pleased that he grabbed it with both hands?

“I’m so happy I did. It’s so much more interesting for me from an external point of view to work in industry, and I’m learning so much more here than I ever could behind a desk.”

As Ryan was about to move onto his Level 4 in Accountancy, he needed to find an apprenticeship, and although he was offered several roles with accountants, he chose #TeamCES for the challenge and because ‘something different’ appealed to him.

We’re so glad he took that opportunity too, as he’s already contributing massively, working here four days a week and attending college once a week. A great work ethic for one so young.

Ryan is especially grateful to Gareth, who he says has

”…let me loose. Despite having little experience, he hasn’t held me back and he’s encouraged me to get on with it and apply what I know to the industry.”

We might not have ‘let him loose’ just yet, but we’ve certainly given him the confidence to work without someone constantly watching over his shoulder. It’s the best way for young people, give them a chance and watch them shine.

Ryan, just like Reean, is already shining, and he just needs to keep cracking on with the task at hand.

Ryan’s advice to any young person thinking about an apprenticeship is simple…

“If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity, just take it…”

We couldn’t agree more, but we also count ourselves very lucky that we’ve managed to welcome an apprentice as able as Ryan.

Young people, hey? Lazy, disinterested, rude…

Not as far as we’re concerned. These new kids on the #TeamCES block are smashing it.

Long may it continue.

Well done Ryan and congratulations on passing your driving test first time.

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