Who’s Got Your Back this time of year when you have Unpaid CCJ’s…….

Who’s Got Your Back this time of year when you have Unpaid CCJ’s…….

Do you have an unpaid County Court Judgment (CCJ) at this time of year and now need to take the next step for High Court Enforcement Action?

When you find the defendant is still unwilling to pay the CCJ despite a Judgment being obtained. Its time to take a step back and consider whether you are likely to obtain any money, at this point they are no longer a defendant they are a debtor and to obtain the best enforcement action you need to switch your mind frame and stop hoping they will just pay because you've obtained a Judgement and they keep promising payment, start thinking about what assets they have. If you make the decision to proceed to escalate the CCJ to High Court Writ of Control then Court Enforcement Specialists have your back.

We find those who are knowledgeable of the debtor are the ones who get the best success rates in this situation you need to think on your toes, use social media platforms, speak to other people they may owe monies to, if the judgement is for a limited company check companies house to see if they are still trading, do a few simple checks before you make your decision you might be pleasantly surprised the life style some debtors actually live especially when all you have heard since they failed to pay you back what is owed that they are not in a position to repay you.

Obtaining a judgment is usually the straight forward part of debt recovery. We know the key to a successful outcome is how effective we can be in the back office to our High Court Enforcement Agents on the ground.

Our main aim is to ensure you actually get the money your owed.

If you choose to escalate your County Court Judgement the High Court will issue a Writ of Control which will then enables our chosen High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) to instruct or High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) and office staff to contact the debtor by initially sending out a Compliance Letter giving the debtor the opportunity to pay before our High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) attend to enforce with a view to collecting payment of the debt owed to you.

Where necessary our High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) will seize the debtor’s goods and recover their financial value at public auction. Without these assets the High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) will attempt to make payment arrangements or obtain information that will be useful when deciding whether to pursue an alternative enforcement method.

Our High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) are paid on results therefore they will make every effort to ensure they collect the debt owed to you.

Court Enforcement Specialists operate in High Court & Civil Enforcement, under the authority of an appointed High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO). We are based in Manchester with multiple High Court Enforcement Agents across the Country which allows us to provide this service Nationally.

The High Court Enforcement Officers, are authorised by the Ministry of Justice Lord Chancellor’s department, to enforce all High Court Judgments and County Court Judgments, over £600 our High Court Enforcement Agents can make visits between 06:00am and 21:00pm 7 days a week.

We support the full escalation and enforcement action from start to finish, you will be given your own unique log in for secure access to monitor your case live.

From the High Court Enforcement Officer all the way down to our office staff we've got your back and you deserve to be paid what your owed.

If your looking to find out more about services we offer or you would like to discuss how we can get what is owed to you please contact us direct below:

Tel: 0161-507-0626
Web: www.courtenforcementspecialists.co.uk

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