Wizz Air – Don’t Care

Wizz Air – Don’t Care

A family took action against Wizz Airlines after they had their holiday flights cancelled at the last minute. They were down £3,900 and were forced to purchase new tickets for their trip to Portugal. This cost Russell Quirk, 55 and his family £2,700 which was over 4 times his original £700 fee despite having booked the tickets months prior.

Mr Quirk was worried that his family would miss out on their well deserved vacation last year and that he would be losing a whopping £6,000 for additional costs.

However, Mr Quirk was reimbursed 2 months later for his initial ticket price but was still not satisfied due to the airline not paying for the additional costs they caused him to lose which totalled £3,900.

Wizz Airlines ignored numerous emails and letters and other communication attempts from the county court and it was at this point where Mr Quick decided to take it upon himself to apply for bailiffs who then attended the Wizz Airline desk at Luton Airport to take possession of goods which consisted of tables, chairs and computers.

The airline then offered £4,500 after the extra costs were added.

This was a huge win for Mr Quirk standing up against the major industry to get back what he was owed.

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